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Alexei Navalny’s Ethnicity, Religion, and the Threads of His Family Background

Alexei Navalny, born on June 4, 1976, was a prominent Russian opposition leader, lawyer, anti-corruption activist, and politician. His journey into activism gained momentum through his blog and impactful presence on social media, where he fearlessly exposed corruption within Russian officialdom and among oligarchs.1

Navalny’s activism did not go unnoticed, and he faced the consequences of his outspoken stance. He was arrested multiple times on charges widely criticized as politically motivated by his supporters and international observers. Despite the risks to his personal safety, Navalny remained resolute in his opposition to the Russian government.

Navalny’s efforts were not limited to exposing corruption; he became a symbol of advocacy for democracy, human rights, and government accountability in Russia. His unwavering commitment to these ideals earned him recognition on the global stage.

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