Advertising heats up in Arizona Senate race, previewing a tough campaign

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The ad war is heating up in the Arizona Senate race, with both sides launching digital attacks this week foreshadowing the battleground campaign to come.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee launched an attack ad on Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego Thursday, after Gallego hit the Republican frontrunner, Kari Lake, with his own ad earlier this week. And it’s just the appetizer in a campaign expected to run up one of the costliest tabs of any Senate contest across the country. 

Neither campaign or party is running attacks on TV right now. But the early themes previewed in digital ads, which can be released with much less expense, are likely to show up throughout the campaign.

Gallego’s online jab slammed Lake for flip-flopping her stance on the state’s 1864 abortion ban, rolling back tape showing the former TV anchor praising the law in 2022 during her unsuccessful bid for Arizona’s governorship.