Abia Deputy Speaker Awards Bursaries To 122 Students From Rural Communities

The Ugolee Peoples Foundation, founded by Hon. Austin Okezie Meregini, Deputy Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly, awarded bursaries to 122 students from underprivileged rural communities across the state.

The bursary program provided much-needed financial support to 36 tertiary students (receiving N100,000 each), 45 secondary students (N20,000 each), and 41 primary school pupils(N20,000 each).

Hon. Meregini, who delivered a heartfelt speech highlighting the foundation’s journey and vision,expressed satisfaction with the foundation’s growth and its unwavering commitment to increasing the number of beneficiaries.

He acknowledged the crucial role of the current administration under Dr. Alex Otti in supporting the foundation’s endeavors. He commended the Governor’s purposeful leadership, the people-oriented manifesto of the Labour Party, and the collaborative spirit within the Abia State House of Assembly, all of which have created a conducive environment for educational initiatives to flourish.