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90 Day Fiance star 'feels guilty' leaving his mother during her ill health

90 Day Fiance fans may remember Tom Brooks for his relationship with Darcey Silva, and this time he’s back on 90 Day Diaries to update fans about his new relationship, and his mother’s ill health.

The TLC spin-off, 90 Day Diaries films cast members during their day-to-day lives and seeing new couples start out their new chapters. That includes Tom Brooks, who is now engaged to new partner, Mariah, after turning him down the first time.

Credit: 90 Day Fiance YouTube

90 Day Fiance’s Tom Brooks feels ‘guilty’ about leaving his mother to move to the US

Although 90 Day Fiance couple Tom and Mariah are navigating their way around a long-distance relationship now, it won’t be plausible in the long term. He’s now considering moving over to Vegas from the UK but feels ‘guilty’ due to his mother Jayne’s ill health.

However, Tom’s mom gave his blessing, saying she was very fond of his fiance, leaving him feeling “full of love.”

He then explained he and his mother “haven’t seen eye to eye” over the years. However, he’s over the moon with her blessing and is planning to start a new life and plan a wedding with his fiance.

Fans also shared their love for Tom’s mom, who is suffering from a throat tumors on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Tom’s mom is a lovely lady,” penned one.

“Tom’s mother really looks like she could be his older sister,” wrote a second.

A third commented: “Tom’s mom made me so sad. wow, that’s real life.”

90 Day fans aren’t sure about Tom’s ‘new teeth’

His location isn’t the only thing that’s changing. The 44-year-old documented his trip to Turkey to get veneers and was over the moon with the results.

However, fans didn’t seem as impressed as the TLC star was. “Tom, go back and fix that grill those teeth are awful!” exclaimed one.

Another wrote: “How are Tom’s teeth worse than his original teeth?”

Although, others were happy he now had that boost of confidence he finally needed: “So happy Tom got his teeth fixed. I can only imagine how much of a boost that gave him.”

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