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90 Day Fiance star and 'crypto enthusiast' makes money selling rare firearms

90 Day Fiance star Tim has a job that involves selling engraved guns through his business, Gringo Custom Guns. The company contributes to Tim Malcolm’s millionaire net worth, but for now, he’s pretty focused on his dating game. It’s all done from the comfort of his home in North Carolina.

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90 Day Fiance star Tim Malcolm’s job

Tim Malcolm’s job involves running two gun accessory companies as the owner of Malcolm Firearms and Gringo Custom Guns, in which he customizes and sells rare, exotic firearms for a living.

The 90 Day Fiance star’s business sells unique vintage items while Tim’s firearms have been used in various feature films as building prop weapons, making up a large part of his successful venture.

Tim worked as a writer for five years penning a column for Match flick, as well as the rock band Preacher Stone manager for one year, filming a documentary about their first European tour in 2018.

Inside Tim’s huge net worth

Tim Malcolm’s net worth is more than $1 million thanks to his TLC casting and entrepreneurial skills, In Touch reports. He’s also competed professionally for Esports Call Of Duty Zombies and is a seasoned drummer.

As the CEO and owner of two companies, paired with his salary on 90 Day Fiance, makes him pretty comfortable on the money front. He’s been self-employed since 2015.

“I make the gun more like a painting than an actual firearm,” he said during the season 3 premiere of Before the 90 Days in August 2019. “My customers are never going to fire that gun. I’m selling art.”

Gringo Guns cost around $70

Gringo Custom Guns cost around $70 for an engraved gun grip, but they range across a wide cost. They are sold on eBay, and have worked towards a 95.7 percent positive feedback score.

The company has sold 3.5K guns and has more than 500 followers. Tim doesn’t just sells guns but luxury items such as a Versace watch for just under $400, or an old metal tractor ornament for $99.

Most of the items are grips for guns, as well as metal items to create a gun. Malcolm is also heavily into Crypto, calling himself an “enthusiast” in the industry, while juggling a YouTube channel.


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