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3 American troops killed and dozens injured in drone attack in Jordan

Washington — Three American service members were killed and dozens more were injured in an unmanned aerial drone attack on a base in Jordan on Sunday, President Biden and the U.S. military said.

In a statement, the president blamed the attack on “radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq.” Mr. Biden said the attack happened at a base in northeast Jordan, a U.S. ally, close to the border with Syria. A U.S. official said the attack occurred at an outpost known as Tower 22, where roughly 350 U.S. Army and Air Force personnel are deployed, according to the Department of Defense.

U.S. Central Command, which oversees forces in the Middle East, initially put the number of injured at 25, but two U.S. officials soon said that figure had risen to more than 30. CENTCOM confirmed later Sunday night that at least 34 had been injured. Eight of the wounded service members had to be evacuated — some were in critical condition but all were stable, a defense official told CBS News.