2024 JAMB Candidates for 19th April – Get in here!

This post is dedicated to all JAMB candidates scheduled to take the exam on April 19th. All other candidates are also welcome to monitor the Nationwide progress of the 1st Day of JAMB 2024 UTME from here. We have created this post for you to interact with one another regarding the exam. You can share ideas, experiences, and suggestions you believe will help you all scale through the exam successfully. Later in the day, we will create another publication for you to share your experiences and questions, and for those who are confident, your answers selections for assessment.

Please make sure you are at your various exam centres, at least 30 mins before the time given on your slip. Also, ensure you take the necessary items to the examination hall like copies of your exam slip and a pencil in case you need one. Please also CLICK HERE to see a list of items you should not take to the exam hall.

This publication will equally serve as a medium for candidates scheduled for the exam to give live updates. Report anything happening right from the moment you get to the exam centre until the time you are about to step into the examination hall. We understand you won’t be allowed to get into the hall with your phones, so your real-time (Live!) updates may end the moment it’s your turn for the Biometric verification.